Eerlijke en betaalbare prijzen bij Elicious

Fair prices

We all want a better environment. To approach that ideal, we keep our products affordable.

Elicious doet alles plasticvrij. Van producten tot verpakking en verzenden


We also want a plastic-free world. But we do want to protect the products properly. That's why we use rice paper, for example

Dierproefvrij is vanzelfsprekend voor Elicious. Net als het niet gebruiken van dierlijke ingrediënten

Always cruelty-free

This comes naturally to us. And of course we don't use any animal-derived ingredients either

Duurzaam verbouwde natuurlijke ingrediënten, Elicious heeft dat in alles!

Natural ingredients

We live in nature and use the best possible ingredients that protect people and animals. And which are of course great for your body!

Zeepzieders sinds 2005, vakmanschap en kennis van natuur als een perfecte Elicious combinatie


All our products are handmade by passionate people. With expertise since 2005

How do we do that?

These affordable prices at Elicious

The answer on that question in fact is quite simple: we cut the extra costs. Being a small Dutch family company we are used to doing things ourselves. From product development up to our web presence and all inbetween that

We take responsability

Tips and facts about our products

The products already contain a lot of information, but not everything. That is why we regularly write new blogs full of information. Not only about the products but also about ingredients and everything that keeps us so busy to take care of Mother Earth.


Wil je op de hoogte blijven?

Van onze Minimal Waste Lifestyle, nieuwe producten, leuke acties en blogs? Schrijf je dan nu in!


Truly Elicious

Green up your order!

Elicious is official partner for reforestation

With every order you can buy a tree for Mother Earth at € 0,85 🌳. If you do so then we at Elicious will ad one more. Deal?