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De Konjac spons: waarom de ene Konjac spons de andere niet is - Elicious

The Konjac sponge: why one Konjac sponge is not the same as another

At Elicious we have an extensive collection of Konjac sponges that are highly appreciated by our users. And that has everything to do with quality. Let's take a look at why some products simply can't compare to ours.

It starts with the consistency of the sponge. The structure must be good, just like when baking a cake, for example. This guarantees that the sponge absorbs water easily and therefore becomes sufficiently large. Not only that, it also guarantees that when drying, the air flow can find its way quickly and the sponge dries properly.

Is that important then? Yes, because if the sponge does not dry quickly and properly, it is a good growth medium for all kinds of microbes. Especially when the sponge is not completely clean.

An even structure is also important to ensure that the sponge feels nice and soft, and this is not always the case with poorer quality.

Take a look at the photos below: 

If you cut the pink sponge you can clearly see that there is no smooth structure.

So this sponge does not pass our quality control (of course we also have the occasional Monday morning case...)

Returning to the breeding ground for microbes that can further reduce the quality of the sponge: although it is an accessory / tool, it must be emphasized that it is indeed a skin care product. That is why the Elicious sponges, like all our other products, are manufactured with the utmost care and meet strict quality standards. They are produced in compliance with cosmetic standards in a dust-free working environment that complies with all international standards. The result is a clean product in which microbes have no chance.

Please take a look:

A good product can only be manufactured in the right environment. Although we cannot always literally look inside other people's lives, the internet still offers us a glimpse behind the scenes:

They have a lot of stock.

And sufficient packaging capacity, mountains of sponges on the floor.

The choice is yours to draw your own conclusion. At Elicious, the pursuit of products that meet your expectations is central.


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