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Elicious stands for sustainable, environmentally friendly products that are affordable. Our products are made from wholesome ingredients that are always clearly labelled. They are free from parabens, sulfates, toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives - pure and simple...just Elicious.

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A little more explanation would be nice. We, father and daughter, consider our living environment more than important and therefore also sustainable, environmentally friendly products. We have a unique view on product sourcing; everything with respect for nature and people.

We live in both the Netherlands and Vietnam and therefore have the opportunity to create an ethical supply chain. Small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories play a major role in this. Part of our philosophy is to strengthen and support local communities by collaborating on environmentally friendly, unique alternatives to plastic. Our range of sustainable, environmentally friendly products are all responsibly sourced by us and made in close consultation with us, so you as a consumer don't have to carry the burden of that responsibility. Not always easy, but with our years of experience and patience, we pride ourselves on working with people whose values ​​match ours.

In addition, South-East Asia is of course a source of many ingredients that we all love so much; in our food and in our personal care. These are used for all kinds of products that are made here in Europe. The people there are largely still very close to nature and we sometimes look with amazement at the knowledge they have and how they apply it.

Knowledgeable, we often wonder about the (in our opinion) too high prices for sustainable, environmentally friendly products with which we can take on the challenge of restoring balance to nature. Because that is only possible if we all do it together, not just a select group who can afford it.

And so we arrived here; with a beautiful collection that is really 'clean' and for prices that make you want to jump for joy. Agree?

And we just want to convince you with our products. We don't use all kinds of 'social proof' persuasion techniques to get you to buy faster. We are patient, just like nature.

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