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Fragrant natural organic soap for a refreshing summer

Do you adjust your scented candles and perfumes based on the season? Those wonderfully rich, spicy scents that warm you in autumn and winter, while delicate floral scents remind you of spring. And in summer, scents make you feel relaxed or energetic, depending on your mood. Well, Elicious natural organic soap has exactly what you are looking for!

It offers the summer power with various natural scents that not only remove dirt, but also transport you to a world of scents beyond the walls of your home. Let's dive into the season together with our favorite summer soap scents.

Best hand soaps for summer

While we all have our favorite scents that soothe us or put a smile on our faces, it's always fun to try something new.And what better time than summer? Imagine enjoying a summer vacation in the shower! Try these handmade summer soaps; they last a long time and bring the ultimate summer feeling to life.

Refreshing citrus soap

Nothing smells as fresh as a citrus scent, and if you think about it, citrus fruits are common in many of our summer pleasures. Think of cold glasses of lemonade, lemon slices in iced tea or a hint of lime in a refreshing gin and tonic. Whatever your favorite citrus variety to cool down on a hot day, it's just like the aromas of our natural citrus soap. 

With scents such as Myrtle Lemongrass or Triple Citrus you can enjoy cooling sensations on a hot summer day.

Scented floral soap

Who has time to spend all day in the garden? You have all kinds of things to do, so a wonderful shower is never missing after (or before) all those things. Why not spice up the experience with one of our natural floral scented soaps? We have classic flower mixtures, possibly combined with other ingredients, but always in perfect balance. They are sweet and summery, without being overpowering. Trust us, you will continue to smell that enchanting floral scent for a long time.

For a touch of "France" you can choose Lavender Heaven or Lavender Soul.

Do you want to imagine yourself in a tropical atmosphere? Then Paradise Frangipani or Orchid Vanille are perfect for you.

Be enchanted by La Vie en Rose or Romancing Rose. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

And if you are looking for a moment of pure relaxation, try our Relaxing Jasmine. It's a little zen break in a soap.

Aromatic Soap

What could be more summery than a trip to nature? We've packaged those holiday getaways in different scents. The enchanting aromas, hints of warm earth and notes of tropical trees bring a holiday feeling to your own home. Whether you have chores to do or a busy work week ahead of you, that doesn't mean you can't escape reality every time you use one of these natural organic soaps.

Get a deliciously spicy "kick" with Energizing Cinnamon.

Almost literally sniffing the mint leaves with Imperial Peppermint.

Let your thoughts wander to the most beautiful forest with Serene Sandalwood.

Experience the feeling of a tropical beach with Soothing Coconut.

Are you ready too? Then go to our collection of natural organic soap , order quickly and we will ensure that you can enjoy it tomorrow!

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