Mooi keramiek is niet lelijk. En zeker duurzaam! - Elicious

Beautiful ceramics are not ugly. And certainly sustainable!

Sustainable products are not only a trend but necessary to face the future. That is why we are pleased that more and more plastic products are being replaced by products made of other, more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Also in our bathrooms and kitchens, we see more and more accessories made of, for example, bamboo, a very beautiful, warm and sustainable material. But as always; excess harms. We need to apply more variety in materials because even with bamboo too much demand can lead to deforestation. And that's the last thing we want.

It is sometimes forgotten that ceramics is also a natural material that can last a lifetime. Ceramics have been made by our ancestors for 30,000 years and often objects are still found in excellent condition without affecting the environment.

The process is basically very simple; mixing clay and water, giving it the right shape for utensils, decoration or wall finishing.

Over the years, techniques have been improved and developed, decoration techniques and materials have been expanded further, but ceramics have always found its place in our homes and hearts. 

The ceramic soap dishes, soap dishes and toothbrush holders from Elicious are still made with those old techniques. Straightforward handicraft directly on the banks of the river where the clay is extracted. By people who are proud of their skill that has been passed down through many generations.

These types of products are not made on a potter's wheel, but piece by piece in a mould. After removing them from the mold, they are left to dry on a rack for over a week. Then they are checked for possible cracks (if the clay is not well compacted, this can happen during drying). Only the approved ones go into the oven for 12 hours, but then you only have a cured product that needs hours to cool down.

Then comes the glazing. Here again the craftsmanship comes into play and often a ceramic maker has his own recipe, just like a baker! After all, the glaze must be beautifully seamless and free of surface irregularities. Then go back into the oven to let the glaze become a nice glass-hard layer.

Making handmade ceramics is not a quick process, you have to be patient. After that you have created something that is lasting, read sustainable, in good hands.

Ceramic is therefore definitely one of the most natural and sustainable materials that you can have at home. Elicious has put together a beautiful collection that is made especially for us. And easy to clean!

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