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Fair prices at Elicious, how do we do that?

The answer to that question is very simple: by eliminating the extra costs. As real do-it-yourselfers (and those who have not been raised that way in the Netherlands) we actually do just about everything ourselves. From product development to the online shop and everything else that is involved.

This not only gives a lot of satisfaction, but also a lot of benefits. After all, we don't have to pay everyone hefty amounts for their services. And that makes a difference!

In addition, we cut away the "unnecessary" parts that are actually only used to make things a bit nicer. What matters is that we all use products that are better for the environment and respect Mother Earth. But then it must be affordable.

The latter is by no means always the case and we want to change that. Products of excellent quality at fair prices.

Here it becomes immediately clear:

A logical response is: importers? But if it is made in the Netherlands then that is not the case, is it? Just ask yourself where those ingredients come from; something like coconut trees just don't grow in our backyard, just like many other things that we like and are used in natural products.

We can list more things that are used to convince you but do not contribute to the quality of the products. We choose the simple way of quality and attention to detail. May take a little longer but we think that's fine.

We do not have to spend what we save in this way and therefore do not include it in the prices. Simply the best deal every day. You will not find mega sales and super offers with us. Sometimes we do something fun. For you, as an Elicious enthusiast 💚

"Whoever does good, meets well" is an old saying, but no less true. If we keep our promises, you will automatically come to us, sooner or later. However?


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