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Nice and soft and also save energy!

Do you also want to save energy with dryer balls? Being kind to Mother Earth by not using synthetic fabric softener and do you want wonderfully soft clothes and other laundry?

Then we have the answer for you: Elicious 100% wool drug bale! 

You put dryer balls in the dryer with your wet laundry, they bounce around and keep space between your laundry so that the warm air can circulate efficiently. In addition to saving energy with dryer balls, they also absorb excess water and retain heat.

All this ensures a faster drying time, less electricity consumption and super soft laundry!

Our dryer balls are made from 100% unscented, eco-friendly merino wool. Each set can be used up to 1000 times, or about 2-3 years, depending on how often you wash. Plus, unlike plastic dryer balls, wool is biodegradable. An ideal way to save money and at the same time be environmentally friendly.

Other benefits of wool dryer balls include:

  • Electricity saving
  • Helps reduce lint and pilling on clothes
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Helps reduce allergens and bacteria 
  • Does not damage the dryer
  • Are completely silent

The unique Elicious dryer balls are made from organic New Zealand wool and are free of fragrances, fillers and chemicals. They also do not shed making them hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin. This is in contrast to fabric softeners with chemicals, which often cause itching and skin irritation.

How many wool dryer balls do I need?

The number of Elicious dryer balls you need depends on the size of your wash load. Elicious offers a handy set of 6 dryer balls in a nice cotton storage bag. For a small load of laundry, 4 dryer balls are enough. For a normal wash, use all 6 dryer balls. For an extra large load, try 9-12 dryer balls.

How do you use the dryer balls?

  • Toss your dryer balls in the dryer with your wet laundry. Dryer balls need room to bounce around and allow air to circulate, so never overcrowd the machine.
  • Close the dryer door and start the drying cycle.
  • Keep an eye on the laundry, because the drying time will be 20 to 30% shorter than you are used to.
  • Remove your laundry from the dryer and store the balls in a dry place to prevent moisture and odors.

Tip: While dryer balls last for several years, they can become pressurized and you may notice that your dryer balls become less effective. In that case, throw the dryer balls in a pillowcase and wash them on a gentle cycle of 30 degrees. Then in the pillowcase once through the dryer at high temperature. Doing this twice a year will remove lint and rejuvenate the wool - they will be as good as new! And you will therefore save energy even longer with the dryer balls.

And if they really need to be replaced, they can simply be disposed of with the biodegradable waste!

Elicious wool dryer balls are easy to use and pose no health risks, unlike dish towels and plastic dryer balls.

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