Sustainable bamboo straws set of 10 with brush

€ 3,95
SKU: 800001

Beautiful reusable bamboo straws. These are not only sustainable, but are also made in a sustainable way. The perfect environmentally friendly alternative to other straws. The reusable straws are made from thin bamboo stems and are of course food safe. A real natural product.                   

Pack of 10 bamboo straws including brush to clean the inside of the straws. You can clean them by hand, but they can also be put in the dishwasher. With the latter, make sure that you let them dry well.


5 pieces of about 15 cm, for cocktails etc.

5 pieces of about 20 cm, for long drink glasses 

💚 Sustainable bamboo

💚 Biodegradable

💚 100% plastic-free

💚 Plastic-free shipping