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Microplastics? Bad thing!

So much has already been written about microplastics or microbeads that we don't have to do it again. We have the button "Microbeads Free - Ocean Safe" under the heading "We take our responsibility". 

We thought it would be a good idea to include the "Plastic Soup Foundation" label, also known as "Look for the zero" on our website, in addition to this button.

And off we went …… ..well! In 1 of our products we appear to have two ingredients that are not on the red list but are on the orange list of Beatthemicrobeads by Plastic Soup Foundation. And of course we don't like that so we will definitely work on that. The orange list means so much that it has not been conclusively proven that it contains microplastic, but the opposite is not the case either. But the logo may only be used if the entire website is 100% guaranteed, hats off! Unfortunately, we just don't meet that …… we are going to change …… promise!

The product in question is our body butter and it contains PEG-100 stearate and Polysorbate 60.

Of course we will adjust these ingredients, but in such a way that you will still enjoy that body butter. After all, we are proud that all our products contain only safe ingredients for the environment and certainly also for you as a user.

Because of the latter, we would like to go into those 2 ingredients, and this because we do not want to make you feel unsafe with regard to your health.

In the database of EWG Skindeep you can find a lot of information and they have a safety score system for your health there. It looks like this: 

If we then look at the PEG 100 stearate it is clearly a safe ingredient that can be used.

Almost 4% of this ingredient is in our body butter

Much the same is the case for Polysorbate 60:

0.36% of this is in our body butter.

All in all, not something to worry about right away, but it is our honor to let this sit on us.

Would you like to stay informed when we have new stock without those 2 ingredients? Let us know below.

All other products can proudly be called "Microbeads Free".


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