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Are you so sensitive with the price developments?

A price increase savings program, does that exist? No, of course, but we still want to say something about it. We started in 2021 and one of our spearheads was 'products of great quality at (h) fair prices'. We have achieved that and we will continue to do so, promise!

But in the meantime, things have (unfortunately) changed in the world. 

As a result, we are also forced to adjust our prices (in part). We are not going to bore you with all the reasons for this, but the increased prices for raw materials, transport, etc. linked to the value of the Euro are particularly the culprits.

Doesn't make us happy, and neither do you. We are convinced of that. 

What now? We have thought about that for quite a long time and we have decided that we too have to make sacrifices. A price increase savings program? No, that doesn't exist, but we share it in 2 different things.

The first is that we sacrifice part of our margin, a sorrow shared is a sorrow half, so to speak. It's hard enough having to do things like this. And if we see opportunities not to do it at all, we make a happy dance of course.

We don't want to compromise on quality, we don't shrink inflation (less content for the same price) and we stay true to our values.

And speaking of loyalty, the second part is great news: our regular customers can now save with the Elicious Rainforest Rewards Plan for a discount on future orders, free shipping or another great offer. And you save not only with your orders, but also with your birthday, if you recommend us and even more 💚 

Do we have some kind of 'a price increase savings program'?

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