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Rocky Crystal Deodorant and Why It's the Best Choice

As the plastic-free revolution seems to be waking up, it's almost hard to imagine a time when you weren't looking for natural products. Fortunately, the realization that this is necessary has grown significantly and we would like to contribute to increasing it even further.

In the early 1980s and before the terms "natural" and "plastic-free" became popular, some products were already making their way from dusty health food stores to a wider audience. One of those products was a mineral deodorant that looked like a rock, but is a real salt crystal that deodorizes without harmful chemicals. Although there have been many followers of the natural care “die-hards” for over 40 years, crystal rock is once again in the spotlight. Thanks to the growing demand for safe and environmentally friendly products. That's clearly a good sign, but is the healthy label justified? And how exactly does a "crystal" control your odors?

Here's what you need to know about the Elicious Rocky Crystal Deodorant:

By wetting the stone and rubbing it under the armpits, an invisible salt film appears on the skin's surface. It won't stop you from sweating, but it will keep odor-forming microbes in check. In other words; it kills the bacteria that cause the odor.

The stone is formed by polishing and has rounded edges so that it moves smoothly over your skin. Do not drop it on a hard floor as there is a risk of it breaking.

Is the Crystal deodorant considered safer than regular deodorant?

Although Crystal deodorant is known for not containing aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate  (synthetic chemicals linked to breast cancer) contains a tiny amount of naturally occurring aluminum that can potentially penetrate the skin when mixed with water. However, there are no known studies that have shown that element in its organic state is harmful. On the contrary; Internationally, many doctors recommend Crystal deodorant to their patients instead of conventional antiperspirants for safety reasons. 

Of course, there are now several safe deodorants available, in sticks or in cream form. But the Crystal deodorant wins out on all fronts in terms of durability. With daily use, the stone can easily last for a year and you only have to use it once a day (so no carrying around with deodorant). Add to this the price of € 6.95 (less than 2 euro cents per day) and it's clear why this '80s phenomenon is the clear winner.

One more thing: You must be sweating!

Your body is made to sweat. It is what nature intended. Your body sweats when you exercise or simply when your core temperature reaches an unhealthy level. The sweat acts as a regulator to regulate your temperature and bring it back to a healthy, safe level. In other words, sweat prevents overheating.

Sweat also helps to remove toxins from your body. Remember: your skin is an organ. And like many other organs, one of your skin's purposes is to remove toxins. For example, mercury, cadmium and spores are eliminated when you sweat. BPA (found in the hairs of some toothbrushes) and phthalates (present in toys and cooking utensils, for example) can also be released through your sweat glands.

Also, sweating helps rid your body of bacteria and even viruses on the surface! When you sweat, your body releases a chemical called dermcidin (read more here) is called. This compound is natural for your body and acts as an antimicrobial agent for your skin. It kills bacteria and germs that live on your body and can also help prevent infections.

In short, sweating is good for you!

Naturally wrapped in rice paper and a wrapper; no plastic, no box, no can!

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Ik gebruik al langere tijd geen ‘normale’ deodorant meer en las over de steen. Hoe gewaar je de steen? groet Hannie

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