Long handle vegan body brush

€ 14,95
SKU: 100001

This is a product that will make you wonder why you didn't buy it before. This brush is 100% vegan and carefully handcrafted. Completely free from chemicals.

The bristles are the most important to determine the quality of a good brush. The bristles are made from cactus; durable, but not too soft with just enough stiffness to use painlessly. You can use the brush for dry brushing (see our blog), but also as a bath brush. Can therefore be used dry and wet. The long handle means that you can reach every part of your body.

Made from bamboo, cactus hair, vegetable glue and plant-based protective stain.

💚 Biodegradable

💚 Vegan

💚 Sustainable bamboo

💚 100% plastic-free

💚 100% natural

💚 Plastic-free shipping