Why Elicious soap?

Did you know that industrial soaps and shower gels can be the cause of skin problems? This is because they often contain a cocktail of chemical ingredients and they lack natural glycerine.

There are at least 5 reasons why you should consider using Elicious soap for your daily shower.

1. We do not use any harmful or poisonous ingredients. Elicious soap is made entirely by hand from the best natural ingredients. That also keeps the water clean.
2. We are quite old fashioned; we don't believe in fast & fierce, but in slow & perfect. That is why we still work with an old-fashioned cold preparation.
3. Ingredients that come from animals are not available to us. Plus, they're not good for your skin, just cheap. And of course we never do anything on animals.
4. We package the soap with the environment in mind. Our soap is harmless to Mother Nature, so our packaging should be too. To give the soap the right protection against drying out, we use rice paper and a label made from recycled paper.
5. Your skin will love Elicious soap! Amazingly hydrating and gentle on your skin. And choose from many scents that will stay with you.