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De beste hondenshampoo 100% plasticvrij - Elicious

Tasty; such a dog soap. But it can be much better!

My dog's name is Snoopy! And yes it is a beagle just like in The Peanuts, nice and stubborn and always looking for something to eat or something to hunt. It is not surprising that she can often be found in the high grass or between the bushes while walking.

And if your dog is anything like mine, your furry friend will have no problem coming home 'not quite clean'. But she can also come home in 'company' from, for example, ticks or other discomfort.

Of course there is a lot of difference between the different breeds, but my Snoopy is definitely not a fan of a nice bath. You have to 'drag' her in it, but then she'll let it come over her, literally! And let's face it; a good healthy coat is just as important as providing the right nutrition and vitamins.

Of course we are also a big proponent of plastic-free for animal shampoo, which is why we leave the plastic bottles in the pet store where they are. After that it gets more difficult, because despite the fact that there are many dog shampoo bars, they do not have the properties that you would and should expect from them. Not only do you want your friend to smell good, but you also want to be properly cared for.

Well, don't worry about that anymore! Elicious now has a 100% natural soap shampoo bar that has everything your furry friend needs. This 'Forever Friends' bar has of course no parabens, SLS, SLES or other nasty ingredients. But a great mix of nourishing oil.

This gentle soap fights bacteria, fungi and vermin. Works perfectly with all coat types and is very convenient to use with the large size of 200 grams. This soap is made for dogs, but also perfect for larger animals such as horses, goats, etc. If your animal has ticks, they usually fall off your animal within 24 hours after using the soap. Resist the temptation to remove them as this can leave the cup behind and cause inflammation. Fleas should fall directly from the animal during bathing.

This makes this new Elicious product not only perfect for the coat, but it also helps to soothe itching and is perfect for various skin conditions. Really made for your furry friend and not a nice variation on a human product. If you look at the soap shampoo bar you will see rivers of natural glycerine; they keep the skin and coat well hydrated and prevent the natural fat layer from being damaged.


How often should you wash your dog? There is no clear-cut answer to that. It depends on the season, what activities you and your dog have been doing and the dog itself. And you can judge that best for yourself. The general rule of thumb for most dogs is once a month. More if they are extra dirty, because they have been on a campaign, or less if they have been lounging around at home. Order quickly for your happy animal.



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