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Black Friday is wel erg duur! - Elicious

Black Friday is very expensive!

Do you know the actual costs of your Black Friday purchases?

Black Friday has become one of the busiest (online) shopping days of the year. Ever originated in the United States of America in the early 1980s, it eventually spread to Europe in 2010. Since 2015 (mainly large) Dutch online stores have started using it. Click here to read more about the history of Black Friday.

The day is known for deep discounts, follows Thanksgiving (although not a European day…) and is an attempt by retailers to encourage people to shop for the fast-approaching holiday season. Also buy things that you often don't really need.

The world is slowly but surely becoming more aware of the fact that we overconsume with all its consequences. As a brand that is known as sustainable and planet-friendly, should we still participate?

In our opinion, Black Friday is yet another forced example of commercialization. The 'hyper discounts' can of course not be called realistic and disguise the actual price. Which of course has to be earned back somewhere.

The environment also pays a high price. If we translate a study done by to the situation in the Netherlands and Belgium together, it appears that more than 150,000 tons of carbon (CO2) can be emitted. This is done by moving people and goods and additional storage facilities.

Let's compare that 150,000 tons with some things:

  • the current topic; reduction among farmers. They emit between 669 and 3,908 kilos per hectare. Let's say an average of 2 tons. Then the 150,000 tons equals 75,000 hectares
  • weekend trip to one of the European cities by plane; average per person 0.5 tons. That is more than 300,000 flights
  • holiday to Bali for example; roughly 3.6 tons per person. That is more than 90,000 flights
  • trip to New York; roughly 1.7 tons per person. That is more than 42,000 flights

Isn't it about time that our attitudes started to change?

For example, that we simply ignore Black Friday and other commercial days that are not part of our culture? Even in our multicultural society? We think so, after all there are also many fellow citizens from other cultures who do not have special commercial days.

After all, consumer attitudes can change the way businesses operate. And protect the world, our Mother Earth, a little extra.

Elicious asks you to also think about the environmental impact of your online purchases and take up the challenge of making them in a well-considered way.

You should therefore not expect any Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday offers from Elicious.

With our healthy mission in mind, that name takes on a completely different meaning. And you can plant trees with us with every order, very easily.

What do we do then? Just what we always do; we stay true to our values.

You can expect some nice things from us for Christmas 💚

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