Travelbuddy soap and shampoo pouch

€ 5,95
SKU: 100025

A nice innovation from Elicious, this Travelbuddy! Suitable for your shampoo bar, your soap bar or even both in one! The choice is yours.

Get rid of those cans that are not always leak-proof and where your bar (if it is still a little wet) sticks in. This is the lightweight and leak-free way to safely carry your bars.

How to use:

Dry the bar as much as possible. Put the bar in the Travelbuddy and hit it double. Close the clip on the other side and you're done. Turn inside out from time to time, simply clean with soap and water. Also allow to dry well before storage.

💚 Lightweight

💚 Made from durable neoprene material

💚 You can 'clip' the Travelbuddy anywhere with the strap

💚 Ideal for all luggage, perfect for your backpack

💚 Let the fragrance through so you have a nice luggage freshener at the same time