Rocky Crystal Deodorant

€ 6,95
SKU: 700001

If there is no scent, then you do not have to cover it up with another scent. An ancient wisdom that goes great with our back-to-basic deodorant stone.

Get rid of that roller, spray or even cream! Because this natural stone has proven to have a natural power for centuries. You can look further, but it won't get any better than this Rocky Crystal.

You use the stone simply by rubbing it under your wet armpits after showering. Or wet the stone before use. A tiny layer of natural salt from the stone remains and does its job without clogging your pores. And that all day long. Kills the bacteria that cause the bad odors.

Minimum 60 grams (can vary but always more).

Lasts a year with daily use; just don't drop it on a hard surface because it will break.

Ingredients: 100% natural mineral salt - 100% safe

💚 Vegan

💚 Alcohol-free

💚 100% natural

💚 Plastic-free shipping